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Lawyer signing paperwork with marriage rings on top of it

What are the Grounds For Dissolution of Marriage in Florida?

There are only two things in Florida that are grounds for divorce. Getting a divorce in Florida requires you to file what is known as a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Aside from basic details about the marriage and the parties in the marriage, you have to indicate a reason for the divorce. As practical […]
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Two men holding their hands with Divorice paperwork and marriage rings in between them

Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce in Florida

A divorce can be processed in two different ways. It can be uncontested or contested. It is important that before filing for divorce the parties take into consideration how each different process will affect them personally and affect their family as a whole. When a married couple wants to end the marriage amicably, it means […]
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Probate paperwork peaking outside of a yellow envelope with judge gavel over top

Types of Probate Administration in Florida

There are four types of probate administration under Florida Law, formal administration, summary administration, ancillary administration and a non-court supervised administration proceeding called “Disposition of Personal Property without Administration”, but this type of administration only applies in limited circumstances. The type of probate proceeding is determined by the unique circumstances of the deceased’s estate, including […]
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Last will and testament paperwork close up photograph with pen on top

What is Probate?

Probate is a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person, known as the decedent, in order to make sure that the decedent’s debts are paid and that the decedent’s assets are properly distributed to his or her beneficiaries. Everything that you own at the time of someone’s death becomes the […]
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