How To File For Divorce In Florida | What You Need To Know

file for divorce in Florida

If you and your spouse choose to get divorced, you may be at a loss on where to start. Read on for some professional advice on how to file for divorce in Florida from Casais & Prias, PLLC, a Miami-based law firm.

To file for divorce in Florida, there are important steps that you need to follow for it to be done correctly. At Casais & Prias, PLLC, we focus in family law and are here to explain the steps you and your partner will need to take to legally separate.

A Stated Claim that the Marriage is Past Saving

When looking to file for divorce in Florida, the first step is to acknowledge that you or your partner believe that separation would be the best option. In some cases judges may have you and your spouse attempt mediation or counseling, especially if there are children involved, though that will depend on a variety of other factors. 

This initial claim is the first step you must take to file for divorce and is the clear way of showing that you believe your marriage is no longer healthy and that it would be best for both parties if the arrangement was ended. 

Note: The state of Florida does not require you or your spouse to have definitive reasons why you are filing for divorce, though certain reasons may sway the judge’s decision. Since Florida is a no-fault divorce state, neither party will have to prove that there were any problematic actions or behaviors from their spouse that would imply a needed separation. It is only required to claim that the marriage cannot be saved by any means. 

file for divorce in FloridaFilling Out and Filing Divorce Forms

This step can be simplified in cases where both parties agree on the terms of the divorce. If the divorce is amicable, you and your partner may benefit from looking into a simplified dissolution of marriage. However, if both parties are unable to come to an agreement on their own, you will need to move forward by filling out and filing the other forms. A simplified dissolution is often not allowed when:

  • Children and/or custody concerns are involved
  • One party supplies financial or other support
  • There are shared assets

It is in your best interest to have an experienced lawyer there to help you through this process. When there are financial obligations and concerns regarding any shared assets, you need to have the proper legal help to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours when the divorce is said and done.

File for Divorce in Florida with the Help of Casais & Prias, PLLC

Divorce battles can be lengthy and are often emotionally charged. Some may even go to trial depending on the case. Casais & Prias, PLLC has over ten years of experience in the field of family law and will effectively fight for you.

If you are looking to file for divorce in Florida, fill out the form on our website for assistance from an experienced family law firm.