Preparing Your Case: The Crucial Role Of An Asylum Attorney

asylum attorney

Seeking asylum in the United States is an option for individuals from foreign countries in specific situations. To navigate the asylum process more efficiently, enlisting the assistance of an experienced asylum attorney can be beneficial.

Here, managing partner Rolando Casais, Jr. explains the asylum process.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), individuals may seek asylum in the U.S. if they are being persecuted based on race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity. While the asylum process before the COVID-19 Title 42 policy was relatively simple, today’s process is more complicated.

Asylum Procedures: Then And Now

Under the asylum procedures in place since 1980, an asylum seeker was required to approach an asylum officer at a border or point of entry and plead credible fear of persecution in their home country. Post-Title 42 asylum procedures have more requirements for those seeking asylum. 


Customs and Border Control (CBP) introduced the CBP One smartphone app in October 2020. The app was designed to address the backlog of asylum seekers by allowing them to make an appointment with the CBP online. Technical glitches, communication issues, and security concerns have plagued the app for years, drawing criticism from civil rights groups as well as the U.S. government.

Transit Ban

The transit ban implemented in May 2023 at the end of Title 42 requires asylum seekers to first seek asylum in the country or countries they traveled through to get to the United States. Immigrants must prove that they first sought asylum in those countries and were denied prior to seeking asylum in the U.S. 

The Benefits Of Hiring An Asylum Attorneyasylum attorney

Asylum seekers can become overwhelmed by the length and complexity of the asylum process. Add a potential language barrier and travel exhaustion, and the process of gaining asylum can be daunting. Our team of immigration attorneys at Casais & Prias can guide asylum seekers through the process, taking the stress out of the situation.

Asylum Attorneys Are Well-Versed In The Latest Immigration Laws And Regulations

As immigration attorneys in Miami, we have many years of experience with all types of immigration cases. Our team of asylum attorneys is constantly researching the latest policies and regulations set forth by the USCIS. Having this knowledge will help an asylum seeker navigate the system efficiently.

Asylum Attorneys Can Help Gather Evidence And Prepare Supporting Documents

Submitting the proper documents as part of the asylum application is crucial to the success of an asylum case. Our team can help prepare documents and gather any evidence needed to support a claim of persecution in the individual’s home country.

Asylum Attorneys Can Represent And Advocate Throughout The Process

An advocate can provide invaluable support and reassurance to an asylum seeker, offering guidance every step of the way. Their knowledge and experience can alleviate anxiety and ensure asylum seekers feel empowered throughout this complex and often daunting process.

Let Casais & Prias Advocate For You

Managing partner Rolando Casias, Jr. was recently elected Vice Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Budget and By-Laws Committee. His knowledge and experience in the area of immigration are unparalleled, making him a trusted and reliable advocate for individuals seeking asylum. With his prestigious role in the AILA, you can rest assured that you are receiving top-tier legal representation from a recognized leader in the field.

If you or a loved one is seeking asylum in the United States, we can help you navigate the asylum process with confidence and peace of mind. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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