Florida Humanitarian Parole Update: Beware Of Sponsorship Scams

Florida Humanitarian Parole

Part of the Florida humanitarian parole program is having a sponsor in the U.S. This need has given rise to sponsorship scams, as our immigration attorney explains.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration widened the humanitarian parole program to include citizens of Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba. The program was created to give refuge to those who are fleeing the economic and humanitarian crises facing them in their home countries. Ukraine was recently added to this list to assist those looking to flee the war-torn country.

The United States has stated that it will accept up to 30,000 non-citizens each month from these countries under the following conditions:

  • They must pass a thorough background check.
  • They must have all required vaccinations.
  • They must have a sponsor in the United States.

How Does Sponsorship Work?

A key element to being allowed entry into the United States under the humanitarian parole program is having someone in the U.S. who can help the applicant logistically and financially while in the country. If someone who is looking to come to the U.S. under this program does not have family members here and does not know who to contact for sponsorship, they may seek out strangers to sponsor them.

Sponsors For SaleFlorida Humanitarian Parole

Some seeking refuge in the U.S. are searching the internet for sponsors. A quick Facebook search for “humanitarian parole sponsor” reveals many pages and groups claiming to match sponsors to individuals who need them. While many of these posts are from U.S. citizens legitimately wanting to help immigrants with sponsorship, others demand thousands of dollars upfront with no promise to deliver on the sponsorship arrangement.

Legal Loophole 

Currently, it does not appear that charging someone a “fee” for sponsorship is against the law. As long as the forms are correctly filled out, and the other requirements are met, having a sponsor is all that is left to gain access to the U.S. Many seeking asylum are leaving their home country because of financial and economic hardship and it does seem counterintuitive to pay someone who is then supposed to financially support the person once in the U.S.

Legitimate Sponsorships

While some are looking to make money to sponsor immigrants, plenty of others want to sponsor individuals and families for free. Websites like Welcome.US can match well-meaning U.S. citizens with those who need sponsorship for Florida humanitarian parole access. Other non-profit organizations like USAHello offer program information to immigrants and are an excellent way to help support our immigrant community. 

Beware Of Scams

Anytime there is a desperate need, someone is looking to exploit that need for profit. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon with new immigration programs. The USCIS is aware of these scams and issued this statement, Florida Humanitarian Parole

“Fulfilling our humanitarian mission while upholding the integrity of the immigration system is a top priority for USCIS.” The statement went on to say the agency “carefully vets every prospective supporter through a series of fraud- and security-based screening measures. Additionally, USCIS thoroughly reviews each reported case of fraud or misconduct and may refer those cases to federal law enforcement for additional investigation.”

The Immigration Attorneys at Casais & Prias Can Help

If you know anyone seeking sponsorship for the Florida humanitarian parole program, we can guide you as you help them find a legitimate sponsor. If you have any questions about this program or any other immigration matters, please contact us. Our immigration lawyers are available to discuss your case and help you in any way we can.

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