We Can Help With Your Coral Gables Same-Sex Spouse Immigration Case – Here’s How

Are you looking for help with your Coral Gables same-sex spouse immigration case? Casais & Prias, PLLC is a LGBTQ+ law firm here to help. 

With changes to immigration laws, Coral Gables same-sex spouse immigration cases have been impacted. Many same-sex couples have questions and concerns about how their immigration journey will be affected by these changes. 

We understand that some of these changes can be confusing and are here to help you through this process. At Casais & Prias, PLLC, we focus in LGBT and same-sex law and are ready to assist you and your partner in the following ways. 

The Filing and Application Process

Unfortunately, the immigration application process is very confusing to someone who is unfamiliar with it. These applications are often clouded with legalese, and mistakes are made by individuals who attempt to complete them on their own. 

To avoid any complications that would come with making a mistake, you can instead go through the process with help from our experienced attorneys. We strive to give you peace of mind as we walk you through every step of the application process. We will make sure that your application is correctly filed and keep you updated as it is processed. 

Rolando Casais, Jr. focuses on LGBTQ+ law cases at our firm. His experience in this field allows him to effectively assist you in filing your immigration application. By choosing Casais & Prias, PLLC, you will have confidence knowing you are working with an attorney that has helped countless other clients that were in your same situation.

Helping You or Your Partner to Obtain Residency Coral Gables Same-Sex Spouse Immigration

Our ultimate goal is to help you or your partner obtain residency in the United States. The immigration process is lengthy, and without the help of an experienced attorney, you may be unknowingly delaying the process. 

To obtain residency in your Coral Gables same-sex spouse immigration case, you or your partner will need to:

  • Apply for a green card
  • Wait on the approval of the application
  • Sit for an interview regarding your residency application
  • Await the decision of your residency status

Casais & Prias, PLLC has served the area for over ten years and has the knowledge and experience needed to help you move seamlessly through these steps. We acknowledge that working through the immigration process is often an emotional and challenging battle, and we are here to assist you in any way that we can.

One of our clients left this review after working with Rolando, our Coral Gables same-sex spouse immigration lawyer.

“I was blessed to have a detailed attorney as Rolando Casais is. The whole package for my residency application was completed and successfully accepted by the USCIS office. During the interview, the officer was glad as the paperwork was so well organized and made her job easier. During the whole process, Rolando was always available to answer my doubts. I am really satisfied that for Casais and Prias, PLLC you are not just a file, but a person to help. Thank you very much Rolando!”

Our attorneys know the types of questions and topics that are typically brought up at residency interviews. We can help you to prepare your responses ahead of time so that there are no surprises on the day of your interview. 

Contact Us For Help With Your Coral Gables Same-Sex Spouse Immigration Case

If you and your spouse are seeking legal assistance on your Coral Gables same-sex spouse immigration case, let our experienced attorneys help you.

Contact us by filling out the form on our website. We are looking forward to working with you and your spouse.

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