Do You Have A Coral Gables Child Custody Agreement For Your Summer Vacation?

Before you schedule your summer vacation, look at your Coral Gables child custody agreement/parenting plan. We can help if you need to make adjustments.

When you are co-parenting, not only is establishing a Coral Gables child custody agreement/parenting plan important for the well-being of your child, it is also legally binding. But what do you do about family summer vacation? Getting help from a family law professional can help you set up your summer vacation schedule as well as navigate any changes you may need to your pre-existing custody schedule.

Is It a 50/50 Custody Holiday Schedule?

As part of your Coral Gables child custody agreement/parenting plan, you likely have a time-sharing schedule which specifies which parent your child will live with based on the day, week, month, or any other schedule you agree to. Your parenting time plan is used to determine child support payments and may only be changed by court order.

Usually both parents have parental responsibility and are involved in the decision making process for the child, even though the child may live with one parent the majority of the time. During the school year, it could mean that the child lives with one parent during the week and lives with the other parent on the weekends. When the school year ends, how do you determine living arrangements during the summer months?

How Are Summer Holidays Split In A Divorce?

When children are out of school for the summer, your Coral Gables child custody agreement/parenting plan usually changes. While it is good for the child to spend quality time with each parent, there needs to be a detailed plan in place outlining your summer schedule. Before the end of the school year, you and your co-parent should discuss your respective summer plans so that you can agree to an arrangement for your child. 

Can My Ex Keep Me From Taking My Kids On Vacation?

If co-parents are unable to come to an agreement on a summer schedule, the court will make the decision based on the parents’ work schedules, the child’s schedule, and other factors.

Summer vacations need to be scheduled in your time-sharing plan as well. In Florida, the courts require a separate schedule for summer, holidays, and special occasions. There are several options for setting up a summer custody schedule:

  • Give full time sharing with the minor child to one parent
  • Split time sharing with the minor child evenly between both parents
  • Determine time sharing based on the parents’ vacation schedules

Family Law ExperienceCoral Gables child custody agreement/parenting plan

At Casais & Prias, we focus our practice in family law. We can help you establish your time sharing schedules and make changes to an existing Coral Gables child custody agreement/parenting plan if needed. 

Our managing partner, Nadja A. Prias, brings years of family law experience to our firm. Here are just a few of her credentials:

  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator
  • Former secretary and current vice-chair of the Florida Bar Family Law Rules Committee
  • Member of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association​
  • Guardian ad Litem

Ms. Prias has experience in all aspects of family law, so she understands how complex and emotional child custody can be. Our family law team provides compassionate and personal attention to each of our clients, and we will fight to get you the outcome you desire. 

If you need help with your Coral Gables child custody agreement/parenting plan or have questions about any family law matter, contact us. We will work hard to represent your interests in a mediation or a court appearance. We care about you and your family and want to help you get through any legal matters that arise.

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