Navigating Summer Travel Plans: Tips From Our Kendall Custody Attorney

Kendall custody attorney

Summer vacations are a time to take a break from school schedules and spend more time with our families. Our Kendall custody attorney shares some tips on getting through the summer months if you are sharing custody.

If you have been sharing parental responsibility for some time, you know the importance of having a solid timesharing plan. During the school year, schedules are set, and co-parenting calendars can be more straightforward. 

But, the summer months can be more of a challenge since school is out and vacations are on the books. To help your summer go smoothly, follow these helpful tips from our Kendall custody attorney.

Timesharing Models

When you and your co-parent separated or divorced, your family court agreement likely established a timesharing arrangement. Standard custody arrangements include the following models:

  • Dual Residency Model – Children live with each parent for roughly the same number of days each month.
  • Primary Residency – Children live with one parent the majority of the time.
  • Percentage Arrangement – Online custody calculators can be used to establish arrangements to meet 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, and 80/20 schedules.

Regardless of the model you and your co-parent choose, an established schedule benefits the children and the entire family.

Summer Timesharing Tips

Timesharing models that work during the school year may not work when school is out. If a vacation is planned, consider this advice from our family attorney.

Plan Ahead

Although summer is right around the corner, you still have time to set up a smooth transition from school days to summer vacations. Before you plan a trip with your child, discuss your plans with your co-parent. Planning early helps ensure that you and your co-parent do not plan trips during the same period. 

Be Flexible

Compromise is key to a successful timesharing arrangement. You may not get your ideal schedule, but remembering that the child’s well-being is most important can help quell any disappointments. 

Anticipate Passport NeedsKendall custody attorney

Planning ahead is vital if you plan to take your child out of the country. You will need the signature of your co-parent before you apply for the child’s passport. Once your application is submitted, it can take weeks to arrive in the mail. 

Taking a child out of the country may also necessitate a more extended conversation with your co-parent since this trip is likely farther away than a usual vacation. Planning early, organizing documentation, and communicating with your co-parent is vital for an international trip.

Over Communicate

We have seen many co-parents argue about not knowing what the other parent had planned or not being told the child was expected to go somewhere or do something. Communication is always important, but it is essential to a successful summer vacation schedule.

As soon as you have a travel plan, let your co-parent know so that you can discuss what their schedule is during that time. Are there any conflicts? Did the co-parent already have plans for that time? Starting the conversation early helps to lessen the stress of planning summer trips for your children.

Let Older Children Participate In The Process

Children’s happiness and well-being are at the center of a timesharing arrangement, so getting input from older children about where they may like to travel and with whom gives them a stake in the situation. Allowing them to participate actively in the travel plans can make planning smoother. Plus, they may have a better time if they help with the decisions. 

When You Hit A Snag, Let Our Kendall Custody Attorney Step In

Relationships between co-parents can be complex. Sometimes communication breaks down, and you need a professional advocate. If you need help with your summer vacation schedule, contact our family attorneys at Casais & Prias. We can guide you through setting up a smooth summer plan that will help make memories for the entire family.

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