Get A Letter From The IRS? Our Hialeah Tax Attorney Can Help

Hialeah tax attorney

It does not have to be tax season to receive a letter from the IRS. It also does not have to be a cause for panic. Our Hialeah tax attorney offers tips on your next steps should you receive one of these letters.

We know that getting a communication from the Internal Revenue Service can be intimidating. Even if you keep meticulous tax records and file your tax return on time, you are not immune from an IRS letter

Our Hialeah tax attorney is a former IRS agent who knows the inner workings of the government agency. He can guide you through any issues that may arise concerning your taxes. Here we offer a short guide on what to do if you get an IRS notice in your mail.

Do Not Ignore It

A letter from the IRS is not spam and should not be ignored or thrown away. If you receive such a letter, it is best to face the situation head-on and resolve it as quickly as possible. If you ignore the issue, it could get worse. The IRS does not stop its pursuit if you do not respond. In fact, it will likely escalate the situation faster than if you were to respond promptly.

When you open your letter, you will see clear instructions about your next steps concerning the issue. Typically, these letters are in reference to federal tax returns or tax accounts. If you need help understanding what to do next, our tax attorney can help.

Read The Entire Document Carefully

Before you jump to conclusions about the subject matter, be sure to read the whole letter carefully. It will likely contain questions that you need to answer, along with instructions for how to submit any documentation that is required. 

Compare Your Letter To Your Tax Return

Sometimes, there is a discrepancy in the information on your tax return that needs a simple clarification. Double-check the information on your tax return to see if it matches the information on the letter. If any data needs to be corrected, look for instructions on how to do that. And reach out to our tax team if you have any questions.

Only Reply If Necessary

Not every letter from the IRS warrants a response. Some of these letters are informational and do not require the taxpayer to do anything. The letter will contain explicit instructions if you need to send a response or a payment. If you are unsure if your letter needs a response, we can help you determine the answer.

If the deadline on the letter has passed due to delayed mail delivery, you should contact the IRS by phone immediately. Usually, the IRS will give a one-month extension in this case, but you must ask for it.

If A Response Is Needed, Do It ImmediatelyHialeah tax attorney

When the IRS requires a response, there is typically a timeline attached. These timelines are provided to preserve your taxpayer rights, prevent processing delays, or minimize penalties and interest.

If you receive a letter containing an audit notification, you should immediately contact a tax defense attorney to assist you with your next steps.

Our Hialeah Tax Attorney Can Help

A letter from the IRS can be unnerving, but in many cases, there is no need for concern. If you address and resolve the situation quickly, there should be no further issues. Our experienced Hialeah tax attorneys at Casais & Prias are here to ease your mind by answering any tax questions. Contact us for more information.

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