How Do You Handle A Holiday Custody Schedule in Miami? Our Family Attorney’s FAQs

holiday custody schedule in Miami

The holidays are right around the corner and you may have questions about how to set up a holiday custody schedule in Miami. Our family attorneys are here to answer our most frequently asked questions about holiday time-sharing.

Fall is in the air, the kids are back to school, and the holidays will be here before you know it. For separated or divorced parents, it is time to think about who the children will spend time with over the holidays this year. If you have questions about how to handle a holiday custody schedule in Miami, our team of family attorneys at Casais & Prias is here to help.

In Florida, family courts emphasize a child’s best interests in time-sharing agreements. Parental responsibility aims to give both parents equal rights and responsibilities when making decisions regarding the child. In a divorce, a parenting plan should be part of your time-sharing agreement. And a big part of this agreement is a holiday schedule. 

Here are the questions our family attorneys are asked most often regarding arranging a holiday custody schedule in Miami.

What Are My Options For A Holiday Schedule?

Alternating Holidays

A common arrangement for holiday time-sharing is to have the child spend a holiday with one parent one year and the other parent the next year. This schedule works best for longer school breaks like winter break which can last as long as two weeks. Letting a child spend the entire break with one parent allows for a more relaxing time with minimal schedule disturbances. 

Split The Holiday In Half

For a longer break, it is also possible to share custody by splitting the time in half. If you choose this arrangement, keep in mind that you may not want your child to spend a whole day traveling.

Schedule A Holiday Twice

If you do not mind celebrating a holiday on a different day, you could choose a day to celebrate. For example, one parent can celebrate Christmas with the child on December 20th, and the other can celebrate on the 25th.

Fixed Holiday Schedule

Another way to handle a holiday custody schedule in Miami is to assign certain holidays to certain parents. This works especially well for holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other holidays that are more important to one parent over the other.

How Does Communication Work During A Holiday Visit?

If you have a highly-structured parenting plan, you may need to specify days, times, and duration of communication with the other parent. This will reduce confusion and conflict because everyone involved knows ahead of time how communication will work. 

Without a communication plan, a child may miss speaking to the other parent or the other parent may feel neglected if not allowed to speak to the child.

How Does Long-Distance Custody Affect Holidays?holiday custody schedule in Miami

In Florida, a long-distance parenting plan is used if one parent lives more than 50 miles away from the other parent. This plan has a special section for a holiday custody schedule in Miami and it offers a few options.

  • Designate certain holidays for one parent – For example, the child spends Thanksgiving with one parent and Christmas with the other parent each year.
  • Rotating holiday schedule – This plan allows for some flexibility when a holiday like Mother’s Day falls on a weekend that the father is scheduled to have the child. 
  • Travel time – You will need to consider travel days and times when making your holiday custody schedule in Miami so that both parents feel they have adequate time with the child.

The holidays are a time spent with family to relax and make memories. When you establish a holiday custody schedule in Miami well in advance, it will take the stress out of the situation and allow everyone involved to enjoy their holiday.

If you have questions about time-sharing in Florida or need advice on any other family law matter, contact our team at Casais & Prias today. We look forward to working with you.

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