4 Reasons Timesharing In Miami Is Crucial To Your Parental Responsibility Case

timesharing in Miami

Under Florida law, children of divorced parents should be cared for and supported by each parent evenly. Here is why timesharing in Miami custody cases are an important part of a parental custody agreement.

Parental responsibility, formerly called child custody, is the way Florida courts determine how a child is raised after a divorce. The Florida legislature determined that parental rights and responsibilities such as who a child lives with and how he or she is financially and emotionally supported should be shared by both parents.

Your parental responsibility plan needs to include how your child will split time between the parents, and your timesharing plan is a vital part of your case. If you need help formulating your plan for timesharing in Miami, our family law team at Casais & Prias can help.

Why Is Timesharing Important?timesharing in Miami

Emotional Support

Determining how a child’s time will be shared between parents is possibly the most important part of a parental responsibility agreement. Spending time with each parent is typically best for the emotional well-being of the child. Divorce can bring a sense of loss for the child since their home, family, and stability can be uprooted. Knowing that each parent cares for the child makes the transition easier.

Spending time with both parents also strengthens the bond between the child and their extended families and lets them know that they are loved and supported.

Timesharing and Decision-Making

Equal or comparable timesharing between parents can help with decisions made for the child. Parental responsibility means that major decisions are made with agreement from both parents. Some of these decisions include:

  • Education and school choice
  • Religion and faith in upbringing
  • Medical and dental decisions
  • And more

Your parental responsibility plan outlines how you and your former spouse will come to a decision about various aspects of your child’s upbringing. When a child shares time between parents, and there is no conflict over how they will be raised, the situation is more stable and transitions can be smoother.

A Timesharing Agreement Is Required For a Parental Responsibility Agreement

As part of your parental responsibility agreement, you and your former spouse must agree to a timesharing schedule. Several factors can figure into how this schedule is determined: 

  • Work schedules of parents
  • Parents’ residences
  • School schedule and location of child
  • School holidays
  • After-school activities
  • Other factors

A Judge Can Make Your Schedule For Timesharing in Miami

If you and your former spouse are unable to agree to a timesharing schedule, the judge for your parental responsibility case can make it for you. If the decision is left to the judge, he will take the following factors under consideration: 

  • Any evidence of abuse or neglect
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Felony convictions
  • And others

Although it is rare, a judge can rule for sole parental responsibility if he determines it is in the best interest of the child. In most cases, however, a judge will make every effort to split time equally between the parents.

When Should You Contact a Family Attorney For Your Timesharing in Miami Case?

If you are entering into a divorce agreement and need assistance setting up a parental responsibility plan, it is a good time to contact our family law team at Casais & Prias. We will work with you to set up the best arrangement for you and your children. 

Timesharing in Miami is an essential part of your agreement with your former spouse so it is a good idea to get a family lawyer to assist you. Contact us at Casais & Prias today to schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation. We look forward to working with you to answer your timesharing questions.

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