Why You Need An Experienced Miami Divorce Lawyer

Miami divorce lawyer

Are you and your partner filing for divorce? Here are the top reasons you may need our Miami divorce lawyer to help with your case.

Choosing to file for a divorce is often an emotional and challenging decision. Whether one or both parties were in support of the decision to legally separate, there will likely still be some emotional response as you work through the process. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to seek the help of an experienced Miami divorce lawyer. 

Read on to learn about some of the more common reasons why you need a divorce lawyer to fight your case.

Child Custody Concerns

If you and your partner have a child together, the divorce case is automatically more complicated and requires the help of an experienced firm. When children are involved, you will need to work through:

  • Child support requirements
  • Custody concerns
  • Visitation expectations

These issues are obviously very personal and must be handled carefully to ensure that your child will be cared for after the divorce has settled. Attorney Nadja A. Prias is the head of the firm’s Divorce and Family Law Department and brings extensive legal experience to her practice. Working with Casais & Prias will ensure that your child’s best interest is kept at the forefront of the case.

Miami divorce lawyerFinancial Support And Shared Assets

In many marriages, one person typically provides the other person with some form of financial support. This support may come in the form of insurance, living expenses, or just shared financial responsibilities. Whatever your case may be, Miami divorce lawyers will help clarify where you will stand after the divorce. With their assistance, you will know what financial support may be rightfully yours after the marriage has been terminated. 

Reduce Stress And Avoid Mistakes

You are permitted to go through with your divorce without the help of a lawyer in the state of Florida. That route, however, is ill-advised by many, and this is why.

Divorce can be a stressful process. Even if you and your partner have agreed upon the separation, the divorce process can be lengthy and usually brings about some stressful decisions that have to be made. Additionally, divorce forms can be complicated to navigate if you are not well-versed in the legal terminology. 

To greatly reduce your stress and avoid any mistakes that could halt the divorce proceedings altogether, you should work with an experienced lawyer for the best possible outcome.

Why Casais & Prias Is The Miami Divorce Lawyer For You

If you live in the Miami area and want to file for divorce, Casais & Prias is here for you. We focus in family law and would be happy to assist you in any way we can. Fill out the form on our website to get professional help with your divorce today.

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