How To File Your Case With A Miami Family Law Firm

Miami family law firm

When it comes to legal battles involving family issues, filing your case can present quite the challenge. Follow this guide for the steps you need to correctly file your case with our Miami family law firm, Casais & Prias, to secure the best possible outcome. 

Scroll down to hear Family Attorney Nadja A. Prias explain the Florida requirement of taking parenting classes in cases involving divorce, paternity, or custody.

Find The Right Miami Family Law Firm For You

Legal battles surrounding family matters are best left to firms that have the knowledge and experience needed to successfully fight your case. Our lead family attorney Nadja A. Prias is a certified Family Law Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court and brings extensive expertise to her practice. With certifications as a Guardian Ad Litem and a strong track record of handling complex and contentious cases, she has successfully taken them to trial. Furthermore, she has effectively prosecuted and defended domestic violence injunction cases. Clients can have complete confidence that Ms. Prias prioritizes their best interests throughout the entirety of their legal representation, from the outset of their case until its final resolution.

Our Miami family law firm represents clients dealing with a variety of family matters, including:

Miami family law firm

These are some of the more common matters handled in family court, though the comprehensive list extends beyond these issues. Once you have decided on a Miami family law firm like ours, you are ready to move forward with the filing process.

Completing And Filing Required Documents

As with all legal matters, you are required to fill out a variety of forms before the judge can hear your case. Now is the time to gather everything you wish to present at the hearing and bring it to the attention of your attorney. They will proceed with completing the corresponding forms needed for filing by taking your case details into account.

This part of the process is where our experience as a Miami family law firm truly sets us apart. Our lawyers are here to provide you with personalized attention by taking the time to become familiar with you and your situation in order to get the best results for your case. We are dedicated to guiding you through each step of case preparation and are committed to keeping you well informed along the way.

Together, you and your attorney will double-check all documents to ensure that they are complete and accurate. It is recommended that you keep a copy of these forms for your records. You should also bring them with you to each hearing.

Choose A Miami Family Law Firm You Can Trust

Taking family and probate matters to court can be stressful and overwhelming if you do not know where to start. Once you have decided that a legal course of action is right for your case, you want to be sure that you have chosen a family law firm you can rely on. The attorneys at Casais & Prias understand the hardships involved in family related issues, and are prepared to use their experience to get the justice that you deserve. 

Contact us today to request a free case evaluation and we will work to help guide you through this challenging time.

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