Received An IRS Collections Letter? Let Our Miami Tax Attorney Handle It

Have you received an IRS collections letter and are unsure how to proceed? Casais & Prias PLLC is the experienced Miami tax attorney to help you make your next move.

If you have received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding collections on your taxes, your next step should be to seek help from an experienced Miami tax attorney. Casais & Prias is a well-established firm that has been serving the Miami-Dade area for over ten years. We are here to help explain the things you should know as we move forward on responding to and dealing with your collections letter.

Why Did I Receive a Collections Letter From the IRS?

If you have received a collections letter from the IRS, there is a good chance there were some issues regarding your annual tax return. Typically, a collections letter is sent as a follow-up if you have not paid your taxes in a timely manner after you have already been notified. 

While the issue can usually be resolved, it is important to reach out to an experienced law firm for help through the process. When dealing with the IRS and responding to a collections letter, it is in your best interest to get help from an attorney to avoid any further, more complicated issues.

What Casais & Prias Can Do For You

Miami tax attorneyAt Casais & Prias, we have two attorneys who have accumulated over ten years of experience working In the Miami-Dade area. Rolando Casais Jr. worked as an IRS agent before starting at our firm and brings an important perspective to each tax collection case that he works on. 

By working with our Miami tax attorneys at Casais & Prias, you will have peace of mind knowing that your case is in the hands of skillful lawyers that have worked on many similar cases. Many of our past clients have provided testimonials detailing what it is like to work with us:

“The law offices of Casais & Prias provided me with nothing short of excellent service. Their professional and diligent attitude helped me get things completed quicker (and with a better result) than I anticipated. This was not an easy case, but the excellent service I was provided gave me peace of mind as I was guided throughout the entire process. I HIGHLY recommend them.”

 Handling a collections letter from the IRS is best left to us. Our focus in tax law gives us an upper hand when resolving your debts and clearing your name with the IRS. But, the case must be handled promptly. 

Choose Casais & Prias As Your Miami Tax Attorney

Having an experienced law firm to back you up after receiving an IRS collections letter is your best option. To avoid any serious financial or legal penalties, you must get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can take action on your behalf and rectify the situation. 

If you have recently received a collections letter, please fill out the form on our website and we will contact you with more information on how we plan to move forward with your case.

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