Do You Have Your Summer Timesharing Schedule Set? Our Coral Gables Family Lawyer Has Some Tips

Sharing custody of children requires planning ahead. With summer around the corner, follow these timesharing schedule tips from our Coral Gables family lawyer.

Summer should be a fun season for children. School is out, the days are longer, and there are tons of activities to keep them busy and making memories. However, summer can pose challenges for divorced or separated parents when scheduling timesharing. Our Coral Gables family lawyer has some helpful tips if your summer timesharing schedule still needs attention.

Plan Vacations Early

Remember that there are two schedules to consider during the summer, and you do not want your vacation schedule to conflict with the other parent’s. Getting your plans on the calendar early helps when it is time to confirm summer plans. 

While discussing with your co-parent who will take the child on vacation, it is an excellent time to review the holiday schedules from past years to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding expectations. Take into consideration any existing court orders that may affect travel plans.

Discuss Your Summer Parental Responsibility Agreement

Before summer begins, it is wise to revisit your parental responsibility agreement. When children are out of school, they may go to summer camp, daycare, or take part in other activities that require more financial resources than during the school year. Both parties should agree on how much is needed and how payments will be made.

If you cannot agree, you may need to reach out to a Coral Gables family lawyer. Our team at Casais & Prias is experienced in all aspects of timesharing, parental responsibility, and custody arrangements. We can help guide you through your summer plan. 

Consider Special Events And ActivitiesCoral Gables family lawyer

Summer can come with various activities that require additional funds that may not be part of your regular child support arrangements. Discuss who will be paying for which activities. One parent may agree to pay for everyday expenses such as food and clothing, while the other can pay for summer activities. 

If special events like birthday parties and graduations are celebrated during the summer, be sure to plan for these events both on the schedule and with financial resources. Discuss with your child their thoughts on these summer activities including who they would like to attend. It is essential that they feel like they are part of the decision-making process. 

Communicate Effectively

When speaking with your child’s other parent, it is important to remember some best practices to avoid misunderstandings and help your summer planning go smoothly.

  • Do not speak negatively about the other parent.
  • Put your child’s needs first.
  • Do not pressure your child to choose sides.
  • Speak with an attorney if problems arise.

Be Flexible

It can be challenging to agree on a summer schedule, especially if both parents want to take their child on vacation during the same week or parents cannot agree on which summer camp is best for their child. Remember that the child is the priority, and you may not get the schedule you want. Planning early can help, but you also need to be flexible if your plans do not work out.

Contact A Coral Gables Family Lawyer For Help

If you run into problems while working on your summer timesharing plan, talking with a family attorney can help. We can guide you through the best ways to navigate a difficult situation so that you and your co-parent can reach an agreement full of summer fun for your child and both parents. Contact us with any family law questions, we would be happy to help.

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