Miami Gay Marriage Green Card | How We Can Help

Immigration benefits including visas and permanent residency are now available to LGBTQ couples in the U.S. Are you or your same-sex spouse looking to apply for a green card? The immigration attorneys with Casais & Prias are here to guide you in this process and help you or your spouse acquire a Miami gay marriage green card.

Now that immigration benefits are no longer being denied to LGBTQ couples, the attorneys at Casais & Prias are proud to represent your marriage when seeking a Miami gay marriage green card for you or your spouse. There are a few options to choose from when applying for permanent residency, depending on if you or your spouse already resides in the U.S. 

What Services Do We Offer?

Our attorneys are able to guide you in the process of filing immediate relative petitions or adjustments of status for the partner seeking a Miami gay marriage green card. An immediate relative petition is when a U.S. citizen petitions for their same-sex spouse to live permanently in United States before they immigrate. Alternatively, an adjustment of status can be filed for the same-sex spouse of a U.S. citizen if they are already in the U.S. but would like to apply for permanent residency status and acquire a green card.

Miami Gay Marriage Green CardHow Does The Process Work?

We understand how important it is for your same-sex marriage to be recognized legally and for immigration purposes so that you can comfortably reside with your spouse in the U.S. Our experienced lawyers specialize in this area of immigration law and will assist you and your spouse every step of the way to acquiring your Miami gay marriage green card. As part of this process, our attorneys will help you and your spouse: 

  • File the appropriate petitions and applications with USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), coupled with evidence that the marriage was entered into in good faith
  • Determine the likelihood of the immigrating spouse passing a USCIS background check
  • Prepare for your USCIS interview, and attend the interview with you

How Long Does The Process Take?

Casais & Prias is here to make your application completion process as quick yet thorough as possible so that you can feel confident in you or your spouse’s permanent residency application as soon as it is filed. Our attorneys will also discuss detailed expectations about the timeline in the unique context of your case throughout the completion of your applications and petitions. Application processing times tend to vary due to seasonality but on average, formal decisions are made on Miami gay marriage green card applications in about six to twelve months after filing with USCIS.

Who Do We Serve?

Our law firm is designed to serve clients around the world, regardless of whether they live down the street from our office or internationally. We recognize that due to the previous denial of immigration benefits to same-sex couples in the past, many gay and lesbian couples were forced to live internationally in order to be with their life partners. The attorneys at Casais & Prias are equipped with the technology to ensure constant communication and efficiency in the attorney-client relationship, regardless of where our clients are physically located.

If you have been searching for the best attorneys to help you or your spouse apply for a Miami gay marriage green card, you have come to the right place. The attorneys at Casais & Prias are ready to serve you and provide peace of mind for you and your life partner. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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